March 3rd, 2015
by Roger Li


Hi there! My name is Roger J Li – and this is my portfolio website. I’ve worked in the video games industry for more than 8 years now, most recently as Senior Artist at Digital Curve Games, Senior Artist at Reloaded Games, Contract Environment Artist at Geomerics and Vehicle Artist at Realtime Worlds. I’m now working on an unannounced mobile project as freelance.


I am a versatile and highly skilled 3D Senior Artist, with a wealth of industry experience within a number of leading game companies. I am both dedicated and innovative and able to bring my proficient industry expertise to a broad range of projects, implementing technical requirements and playing an intricate role in game development. I have valuable analytical and problem solving skills and the ability to conceive new ideas and communicate these to all parties. I am also highly experienced in forging effective working relationships, explaining difficult concepts concisely, clearly and without the use of jargon. My ability to communicate with other related professionals to ensure needs are identified, prioritized and addressed allows me to add immediate value to any business I work with and I am now seeking a related managerial position within a forward thinking organization. 


I’m always open to any opportunities that might come my way. So if you have any available positions that you think might suit my skill set – don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. Mail me at – rogerlee01@hotmail.com


Click the link below to access my LinkedIn profile.



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